New Retro Audio Guestbook

Rent For Just


  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Receive 3 days before your wedding/event
  • Free delivery & returns
  • Audio messages received within 24 hours

What's Included?

In your box will be your selected audio guestbook, any required cables or batteries (model dependent), a free audio guestbook sign (personalised upgrade available), and an easy to follow instruction manual on how to upload your greeting message.

Audio Guestbook

Cables & Chargers


Audio Guestbook Sign

You'll receive your audio messages within 24 hours of returning your phone

Optional Extras

Available at checkout

Personalised Audio Guestbook Sign

Just £34.95

Personalised Wooden USB & Box

Just £19.95

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the phone work?

Operating your audio guestbook couldn’t be easier. We provide step by step instructions in your box. However, you can upload your greeting message directly on the phone, or from your PC. To do so from your phone, you simply hold down the button/hook for 5 seconds, hear the beep, lift the handset, release the button, leave your greeting then hang up.

Guests simply need to pick up the handset, hear your greeting, leave their message and then hang up.

Is it battery operated?

Our phones are either 3xAA battery operated or come with a rechargeable battery. Batteries and any required charging wires are included.

Alternatively, if preferred, you can plugin the phone to any plug socket. 

Is there a limit to amount of messages?

All of our audio guestbooks come with an in-built 8GB SD card.

This will hold over 120 hours of messages.

There is no limit to the length of individual messages.

How do I receive my guests messages?

Once we’ve received back your phone, we will send you a file containing all your guests messages within 24 hours.

On the checkout page we also offer an upgrade of just £19.95. For this we will provide a customised wooden USB & box (text engraving is entirely up to you, but we can help with suggestions) with your guest messages uploaded. This will be posted to you, first class, 24 hours after we receive back your phone.

When will I receive my phone?

We will send you your phone 3 days before your event, free of charge.

How do I return the phone?

We will arrange collection of the phone, free of charge, from a UK address of your choice 2 days after your event. If this date isn’t suitable, please let us know and we will be happy to re-arrange. 

Please use original packaging to return the phone.